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Medieval times, monks and a salty sea breeze 34 km

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Bike ride through the dunes, tulip fields and the history. Visit the ancient places of peace and beauty.

MIDDLE AGES, MONKS AND A salty sea breeze (34 KM)
Let your hair fluttering in the salty sea breeze. Cross the North Holland Dune Reserve, a unique part of the Netherlands. Visit Bulborum Hortus in Limmen and see the old varieties of bulbs. The rest you can find in the sacred Runxputte, this is a familiar prayer navigation type in Heiloo. Take a look at the church. The stunning tulip fields you pass the Final Foundation of Egmond aan den Hoef. This castle was led by Diederick Sonoy burned in 1573. Egmond aan Zee is  the lighthouse Van Speijk. The lieutenant blew his ship rather than that he surrendered to the Belgian enemy. 

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