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Information about Den Helder

Den Helder is the northernmost municipality in the province of North Holland. The area Den Helder is also known as the Kop van Noord-Holland or Noordkop. Total municipality of Den Helder has about 60,000 residents. Den Helder is the main naval base in the Netherlands and also the embarkation point for the boat to the island of Texel. Den Helder has a center with several shopping and visit Tuesday Beachcombing Market in the summer months.
Beautiful beaches, beautiful dunes, a lovely harbor with fresh fish!

The location and surrounding area

Den Helder lies in the most northern point of Noord-Holland and is surrounded on three sides by water – from the North Sea, the Wadden Sea and the Marsdiep deep tide-race. Den Helder is easy to reach by car and has its own railway station with good connections with Alkmaar, and the Intercity link to Nijmegen. The city can also be easily reached by bus. Den Helder Airport lies just to the south of the city. The surrounding area of Den Helder is rich in woodlands and there are beautiful wide beaches where you can enjoy the sea breeze or a lovely day at the beach during sunny weather.

All there is to do in Den Helder

There is plenty to do for both young and old in Den Helder. At Fort Kijkduin, built in 1811 under the commission of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and restored in 1996, you can visit the underground vaults and corridors. A sensational attraction at Fort Kijkduin is the aquarium, a glass tunnel where you literally walk amongst the fish. At Fort Kijkduin there are even more attractions to see, and it is also a very enjoyable experience for the children.
The National Marine Days are really popular. During this annual event, you are given the opportunity to look round on board warships. You can also take part in various activities and see what the Navy does. During July and August, there is the Juttertjesmarkt beachcombers’ market, held every Tuesday.


As well as Fort Kijkduin, the Oude Rijkswerf Willemsoord former Royal Navy quarters and the Lange Jaap lighthouse, Den Helder has numerous monuments you can visit.

Art and culture

Den Helder has a lot to offer in the way of art and culture:

Activities in Den Helder

Den Helder has much to offer in the area of water sports, with sailing, among other things. Den Helder has a water sports association with its own marina and several mooring places. At the Golf & Beach Resort Ooghduyne, you can enjoy golfing at this 18 hole golf course. You can also go for lovely beach walks and cycling trips. The Wadden island of Texel is easy and fast to reach by boat.

Shopping in Den Helder

In the centre of Den Helder you will find many different shops where you can have a nice browse. There are both shop chains and small shops, so something for everyone. If the weather is less fine, you can also shop at the indoor shopping mall Winkelcentrum Kroonpassage.

Eating out in Den Helder

Den Helder has numerous places to go to eat out. The city is an excellent place for a delicious lunch, dinner or a refreshing cup of tea or coffee, which you can enjoy at one of the restaurants or cafés. In the summer, you can have a bite to eat or a drink at one of the outdoor cafés and enjoy the bustling atmosphere.

Nightlife in Den Helder

In Den Helder there is also plenty to do in the evening, with various cafés and pubs where you can spend a pleasant evening. Enjoy a delicious dinner at a restaurant or dance the night away at a discotheque. For a quieter evening, you can go to the cinema or take in a fine performance at the theatre. There is no need to be bored in Den Helder, as there is always something to do.

The events calendar in the Freebee Map gives an overview of events taking place in Den Helder.

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