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Waterland route 35 km

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A bicycle trail through wetlands. From the lively port of Amsterdam you cycle to the peace and beauty of the wetlands area.

You start from Amsterdam. There you can  rent a bike at Star Bike rental, even for the less able-bodied cyclists. From the port it goes north. Than you enter the expansive polder Waterland. The decor consists of open grass polders, peat rivers and ribbon villages with colorful wooden houses and traditional farmhouses. You bike on dikes and bridges sometimes completely surrounded by water. You will pass through the village of pants in Waterland, very worthwhile to look around for the old and protected nature. This includes Zuiderwoude and Schellingwoude. Through the beautiful Schellingwoude bridge you come back to Amsterdam.
Waterland is so close to Amsterdam and yet an entirely different world.

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