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Egmond (short)

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A lovely route through the dunes and along charming villages along the beautiful north coast of Holland.

You start at the Herenweg at Stayokay Egmond aan Zee where you can park for free Turn right on the road to de Bleek. At the end, turn left and you cycle through the beautiful nature of Egmond - (29). Egmond is an old fishing village where many tourists every year spend a vacation .-> (25) U deviates from the cycling system and cycle through the Noorderstraat direction Castricum and you pass Gasterij het Ruyter Huys where you can enjoy a snack welcoming and drinks . When you reach turn left Equestrian Huys and cycle in Castricum -> (16). It is said that the name 'Castricum' comes from the Latin words 'castri locus', meaning 'camp' would mean. But the location of Castricum was in Roman times far beyond the borders of the empire, and there has never been a permanent Roman military camp -> (22) -> (21) -> (17) -> (18). You can reach the village of Limmen, which has about 7,000 residents -> (26). -> (27) -> (34). You cycle through Heiloo. Heiloo is obtained from: Holy loo = sacred wood -> (33). follow the shorter route -> (32) (see dotted line).

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